A fun-filled weekend of Board games and RPGs


Board Games &
Tabletop Roleplaying


24 Warrandyte Road Ringwood VIC 3134


27th - 29th
September 2019


What is FinalCon?

FinalCon is a new board gaming and RPG convention located in Ringwood. While the nation watches the sportsball finals, we will be building cities and train lines, slaying and/or taming dragons, building the best decks, and rolling all of the dice.

Who should come to FinalCon?

Everyone who enjoys or has wanted to try board gaming or role-playing games. There will be plenty of games on offer for gamers of all tastes.

Where is FinalCon?

FinalCon will be hosted at the Ringwood Masonic Centre at 24 Warrandyte Road Ringwood VIC 3134. There is plenty of parking at the centre and surrounding streets, as well as at Eastland across the road. For public transport users, the Centre is 500m from Ringwood station on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines.

What games are available to play?

The PAX Australia board game library will be available to play, as well as the many games people bring along themselves.

We’ll be running several tables of tabletop role-playing games over the weekend. For more info on the games and session times, click here.

Each day of the convention will have a special event to close out the day. For more info on what’s happening, click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions for FinalCon, or you would like to run a RPG table, you can get in touch with us here.


Dates & Times

Friday 27th September 09:00 - 11pm
Saturday 28th September 09:00 - 11pm
Sunday 29th September 09:00 - 6pm 

RPG Session Times

Friday 27th September

Session 1 - 10am-1pm
Session 2 - 2-5pm

Saturday 28th September

Session 1 - 10am-1pm
Session 2 - 2-5pm

Sunday 29th September

Session 1 - 10am-1pm

Special Event Times

Friday 27th September

Trivia Night 6pm-11pm

Saturday 28th September

Werewolf 6-11pm

Sunday 29th September

Murder Party XL 2pm-5pm